CASHS Music Directors

Brittany Crawford
Choral Music Director 9-12  

Gabriel Hughes
Band Director 9-12  

Rita Tingle Lewis
Choral Music Director 9-10  

Sean pastorok
Orchestral Music Director 6-12  


CPMC Executive Board Members

Dave Williams

Jennifer Kline
1st Vice President  

Dawn Wiggins
2nd Vice President  

Liz Muirhead

Andrea Main
Recording Secretary  

Denise Williams

General CPMC email address

Facebook Pages:

Search in Facebook: Coatesville Parent’s Music Club (CPMC)

• COLORGUARD Search in Facebook: Coatesville Guard

Search in Facebook: Coatesville Steel Thunder 2017

CPMC Calendar: found on our website


In order for us all to stay in the loop with quick communication, Mr. Hughes has set up a “Marching Band” class on the mobile app “Remind”.

Remind:    Mr. Hughes asks that all 2018-2019 Marching Band students to join.
Remind can send messages via text message, email, or the app (can be found in both the Apple and Google app stores).  If you have questions feel free to email,  You can also join by going to the website, The class should be joined by anyone who is participating in the marching band this fall. To join the marching band Remind class, send a text message to 81010.  In the message, enter @905a6 (that is the class code).  You will receive a message from Remind, verifying that “You’ve joined Marching Band”.

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