Coatesville Parents Music Club

Lending support to the Music Departments of the Coatesville Area School District

This Week

4/8 Mon 6-9pm Drumline/Colorguard Practice
Mon 6:30pm MAPs Lead Meeting

4/10 Wed 6-9pm Drumline/Colorguard Practice
4/12 Fri 6-9pm Drumline Practice
7pm MAPs Setup 8/9 Intermediate Gym Lobby
4/13 Sat MAPs Championship - Volunteers needed
Sat Colorguard Competition -Volunteers needed

Coatesville High School has the honor of hosting the Mid-Atlantic Percussion Society 2024 Championships on Saturday, April 13, 2024. This is an all-day event broken up into a morning competition session and an afternoon competition session. Our very own Coatesville Steel Thunder Drumline will be competing, along with other Indoor Drumlines from across the Mid-Atlantic area.
To make this event a success we need volunteer support in various areas throughout the day. That is where you come in. You are welcome to sign up to help in one specific area or you can choose to help in multiple areas. Feel free to ask friends and family to help as well. We need as many people as possible. Each location is broken up to two 4 hour Shifts.

Friday Evening Setup: 04/12/24: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Hospitality Area Setup
Event set-up
Parking Area Set-up

Saturday: 04/13/2024:
EVENT SETUP: 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM (2 hours)
TICKET BOOTH: Spectator Ticket Sales
CANDY GRAM/RAFFLE BOOTH: Student Candy Grams and Raffle Sales
PERFORMANCE AREA DOOR MONITOR: Open/close gym doors for spectators
CHECK-IN: Check in arriving schools.
FLOOR MARSHALLS: Bring schools on/off the floor; monitor large prop area
WARM-UP AREA MONITORS / MONITORS: Move schools on/off warm-up area
PARKING: Visitor, Bus and Equipment Parking Areas
CONCESSIONS: Sales of food and drink
HOSPITALITY: Food area for judges, visiting directors + techs and our volunteers.

We provide food and drinks throughout the day for all of our volunteers throughout the day in the Hospitality area. If you are interested in being part of this wonderful Coatesville event, please visit sign up Thank you for your help and support! If you have any questions, please contact Chris Main (
The Hospitality Committee is looking for donations of the following items to feed the judges, staff of our guest bands and ALL our volunteers for the MAPS Championships for the entire day. We will be feeding over 200 people. Our theme this year is "Taco Fiesta"

Hospitality Food Donations drop off Friday or Saturday
in Home-ec room of the 8/9 Center or in the 8/9 Gym Lobby


Indoor Season, and we are looking for the following:

Donations for Bus Snacks & Cases of Water
*The Drumline and Colorguard travel to separate Competitions. Please mark for what group you are donating for. Please reach out to Hope and Melanie for what is needed. 

Indoor Drumline - Chaperones & Pit Crew
Indoor Colorguard -Chaperones & Props

Coatesville Indoor Colorguard Competition Help
Coatesville Indoor Drumline Competition Help

If you are available and want to help out, or just questions please reach out to:
Hope Been (colorguard)
Melanie Deutsch (Drumline)

Indoor Colorguard Weekend Schedule:

Abington HS

Saturday, April 13, 2024
900 Highland Ave Abington, PA

Guard Families!
April 13th - We need Volunteers from other Guard Families. Due to MAPs competition, we do not have all the usual people helping. We need your help! We are in need of parental involvement during competitions. You can ride with the Group, or drive yourself and leave after the performance. Consider helping. We have more props that need to be wheeled off the floor and not enough hands!

Sign up Here: Colorguard Volunteers
If you are available please contact
Hope Been

Indoor Drumline Weekend Schedule:

Competition - MAPS Finals
Coatesville HS

Saturday, April 13, 2024
1445 Lincoln Hwy E, Coatesville, PA 19320

Friday 4/12
Practice 6-9pm
Saturday 4/13 8AM Arrival
  • Bring a Water Bottle

  • Lunch - Eat in Hospitality (No charge) Taco's, or bring a Packed Lunch

  • Bring money for concessions *Extra money for items for sale, etc.

  • Make sure you have Black Socks/Dinkles and your shirt, Track suit.

  • BINGO Donations/Volunteers needed,

    We are looking for Donations of some drinks/snacks/raffle items as well as need people to help the day off.
    Please consider volunteering

    Please consider being a CPMC Board member:

    We are actively looking for people to fill these roles that are so vital to the success of the music programs at Coatesville. We have 2 people that will be leaving this year, so we need to fill spots. If you are interested please reach out to a board member or send message to Chris Main

    Band can't run without us! Please consider volunteering for a position today!
    A quick overview of the roles:
    CPMC positions on the board:
    - President - overall responsibility, main contact for Mr. Hughes
    - VP1 - oversees fundraising efforts
    - VP2 - compliance
    - Corresponding secretary - email, Facebook communication
    - Recording secretary - meeting minutes
    - Treasurer and assistant treasurer - financial aspects

    Applications now being accepted

    Every year the CPMC executive board awards a college scholarship to a senior student in the Coatesville High School music programs who pursues a degree in the music arts.
    Scholarship Award: $1,500

    The scholarship has a total award amount of $1,500. It is paid out over two years as long as the student maintains a B average in their core music classes.

    Complete the attached application and essay, put them in an envelope and write "CPMC Scholarship" on the envelope.
    Do not write the student's name on the envelope
    (this helps keep the voting process anonymous)

    Deadline is April 22, 2024
    Put applications in the CPMC mailbox in the band room

    For questions or more information, contact Chris Main at

    The CPMC Board

  • President: Chris Main - Admin
  • 1st VP: Michelle Muhammed - Fundraising
  • 2nd VP: Amanda & Joe Petrarca - Documentation/compliance
  • Recording Secretary: Hope Been - Meeting minutes etc.
  • Corresponding Secretary: Andrea Main - Communications
  • Treasurer: Melanie Deutsch - Student accounts, finances, etc
  • Concessions: Kurt & Roxie Katzor

    If you haven’t already done so,
    please get added to our
    Closed facebook page

    CPMC Meeting Schedule

    General Membership Meeting
    Wednesday, April 10th

    Executive Committee Meeting
    Wednesday, May 1st

    Come to band room, Signs will be posted for Meeting Room.
    Please come and hear the latest going on with the Marching Band, and be part of the upcoming events. All are welcome, and encouraged to attend! Remember all of you are part of the Coatesville Parents Music Club!

    Monthly Meeting Minutes Will be posted here from the CPMC general membership meetings.

    Monday, April 8th
    Indoor Colorguard
    6:00pm - 9:00pm

    Indoor Drumline
    6:00pm - 9:00pm

    Wednesday, April 10th
    Indoor Colorguard
    6:00pm - 9:00pm

    Indoor Drumline
    6:00pm - 9:00pm

    Saturday, April 13th
    Volunteers Needed - Coatesville HS
    Indoor Colorguard
    7:30 am Arrival

    MAP  @ Coatesville HS
    Indoor Drumline
    8:00 am Arrival

    In order for us all to stay in the loop with quick communication, Mr. Hughes has set up a “Marching Band” class on the mobile app “Remind”.

    Remind:  Mr. Hughes asks that all 2022-2023 Marching Band students to join.
    Remind can send messages via text message, email, or the app (can be found in both the Apple and Google app stores).  If you have questions feel free to email,  You can also join by going to the website, The class should be joined by anyone who is participating in the marching band this fall. To join the marching band Remind class, send a text message to 81010.  In the message, enter @905a6 (that is the class code).  You will receive a message from Remind, verifying that “You’ve joined Marching Band”.

    NEW Discount Cards Are Now Available!

    Each Discount Card costs $10.00 and students will receive $3.00 for every card sold to their Student Account!
    If you have any questions or need a large order of cards please contact Michelle Muhammad @

    Designer Bag Bingo Fundraiser

    Sunday, May 19, 2024
    Doors Open at 1:00 PM Bingo begins at 2:00 PM
    James J. Terry Funeral Home
    1060 West Lincoln Highway, Coatesville PA

    Coatesville Music Program Fundraiser

    Hershey Park Tickets- valid through 1/1/25
    $55 (gate price $87.80) - cash or paypal
    Orders /money due 4/22/24

    Contact Hope Been
    Printable Form

    Cart of Wonders

    Available after practices in band room.

    *Candy available for purchase for $1
    *Wawa Coupons
    *Discount Cards

    Also - NEW* Pay your dues by Credit card at Cart of Wonders.




    Wawa Coupons

    Who needs a fast and delicious meal? Have your Wawa coupons on hand! Wawa Hoagies coupons are a great way to earn money for your student account. Each coupon purchased for $5 puts $1 into your student account. Fill out the attached order form and place it with your money into an envelope and put it into the CPMC mailbox or get them at the Cart of Wonders. This is an on-going fundraiser so keep selling and raise money for your account.

    Contact Amanda Petrarca 

    Innovation by Design
    is offering band spirit wear including
    T-shirts, hoodies, pajama pants and more.

    Instructors, Staff, Parents and Volunteers

    State Required Information

    Student Accounts and Donations

    CPMC has set-up the ability to accept payments through Paypal by using your own Paypal account or by using a debit or credit card. Of course, cash and check will continue to be acceptable forms of payment.

    Click the Link Below

    Coatesville Parents Music Club | P.O. Box 72082 | Thorndale, PA 19372 |