Hello Band Community!

Next Wednesday, July 8 at 7:30pm we will have our next CPMC General meeting via Zoom All should plan to attend if possible. Our awesome band director, Mr. Hughes, is planning on attending and will have some interesting updates. We ask that we try to keep the meetings on track so Mr. Hughes has plenty of time to speak. This is a Zoom meeting and there is limited access so please use only 1 sign on per family. I will open the meeting at 7:25 and we will begin promptly at 7:30.


The new CPMC board has been elected.

Please be sure to congratulate the returning members:
  • 1st VP: Jenn Kline - Fundraising
  • 2ndVP: Dawn Wiggins - Documentation/compliance
  • Secretary: Liz Muirhead - Communications
  • Treasurer: Denise Williams - Student accounts, finances, etc
  • President: David Williams - Admin

  • And please congratulate and welcome the new board member
  • Recording Secretary: Andrea Main - Meeting minutes etc. vp3@cvillepmc.org

  • Music Scholarship Applications

    Every year the CPMC executive board awards a college scholarship to a senior student in the Coatesville High School music programs who pursues a degree in the music arts. Details are available from your music director. You can also reach out directly to me at president@cvillepmc.org.

    The deadline for the application and essay is March 25, 2020. We will be extending the deadline. Please be sure to work on your essay.

    Monday, July 6th
    All Groups
    No Rehearsal
    Summer Break

    Wednesday, July 8th
    All Groups
    No Rehearsal
    Summer Break

    Saturday, July 11th
    All Groups
    No Competition
    Off Season

    Ann Ciliberto

    for your CPMC commitments over the last years. Your direction and input to the CPMC Board and commitment to the band has been invaluable. Thank you for everything you have done. You will be missed!
    CPMC Meeting Schedule
    General Membership Meeting
    Wednesday, July 8th,
    The meeting will be on line using the ZOOM app. Please download prior to the start of the meeting. There is no cost for the app.
    Details on closed FaceBook page or contact CPMC members
    Executive Committee Meeting
    Wednesday, TBA

    Monthly Meeting Minutes Will be posted here from the CPMC general membership meetings.

    Fundraiser Updates

    What Fundraisers are available?   

  • Thank you to everyone who sold tickets or volunteered
    to help at our 2020 Designer Bag Bingo.

    Unfortunately, due to the current climate
    we have decided we must cancel.

    All those who previously purchased tickets will receive refunds. We still have all of the beautiful purses so we will definitely be holding the event in the future. Please stay tuned and keep an eye out for more details.

    If you have any questions

    please do not hesitate to contact Jenn Kline at
    vp1@cvillepmc.org or call/text 484-678-2966.

    Click for Flyer

    Update on Krispy Kreme.
    By now all Krispy Kreme sellers should have reached out to their buyers.

    Please get back to Mrs. Williams at treasurer@cvillepmc.org with the responses and a list of folks that you contacted that have not responded and the folks that you could not contact. We need this information ASAP Remember to get your student account credits we need to hear from you. If you do not respond, you will not get your credits.

    Thanks again.
    Any Questions, please reach out to
    Denise Williams, treasurer@cvillepmc.org
    Fundraiser Updates

    The 2020 Discount Cards are back!

    Help support any current music or color guard student and the Coatesville Music Programs by purchasing one.

    This year they have been updated with some new and improved merchants and discount opportunities. The cost is only $10.00 each. With most merchants, you can even make your money back after just one visit and can be used again and again.

    Discount Card Order Form

    Check out our spirit wear for jackets, Coatesville sweatshirts, chaperones shirts, and more. All chaperones are to wear the collared polo shown on the flyer. Our website, www.cvillepmc.org also has an online link with more options and easier ordering.

    Cover Letter ·  Logos ·  Order Form

    Orders are now being taken for the infamous "RED" or "BLACK" polo shirts that our Band Directors, Instructors, Volunteers, Chaperones & Pit Dads wear as part of their uniform when working/traveling with the Band.

    Cart of Wonders

    The amazing CART OF WONDERS is open most evenings after practice. Stop by to order your Chick-Fil-A sandwich for home games, purchase candy-grams for your student, or buy tickets to upcoming competitions.



    Shop epic deals at smile.amazon.com
    and Amazon Donates
    Sign up for Smile Amazon first
    Sign up for Smile Amazon. This is an absolutely FREE fundraiser and signup is EASY. A percentage of all orders purchased through Smile Amazon comes to the Coatesville Parent's Music Club for our general budget.

    Wawa Hoagies make a great meal for families on the go!

    Wawa Coupons

    Great way to put money into your student account
    to pay for dues!

    Who needs a fast and delicious meal?

    Have your Wawa coupons on hand! Wawa Hoagies coupons are a great way to earn money for your student account. Each coupon purchased puts $1 into your account.  
    Fill out the attached order form and place it with your money into an envelope and put it into the CPMC mailbox or get them at the Cart of Wonders. This is an on-going fundraiser so keep selling and raise money for your account.

    Contact Denise Williams with questions at assistanttreasurer@cvillepmc.org

    Involvement is the only way we can make this busy organization work.
    Don't sit back and watch, we need you!


    In order for us all to stay in the loop with quick communication, Mr. Hughes has set up a “Marching Band” class on the mobile app “Remind”.

    Remind:    Mr. Hughes asks that all 2018-2019 Marching Band students to join.
    Remind can send messages via text message, email, or the app (can be found in both the Apple and Google app stores).  If you have questions feel free to email, hughesg@casdschools.org.  You can also join by going to the website, www.remind.com. The class should be joined by anyone who is participating in the marching band this fall. To join the marching band Remind class, send a text message to 81010.  In the message, enter @905a6 (that is the class code).  You will receive a message from Remind, verifying that “You’ve joined Marching Band”.

    Placeholder image

    Innovation by Design
    is offering band spirit wear including
    T-shirts, hoodies, pajama pants and more.

    Hardcopy paper order forms are attached, but for visual purposes of the products or ordering directly online, you can go to the website: http://innovationbydesignllc.net/store/coatesville-band/ 
    CPMC has set-up the ability to accept payments through Paypal by using your own Paypal account or by using a debit or credit card. Of course, cash and check will continue to be acceptable forms of payment.

    The Coatesville Parents Music Club (CPMC) makes every effort to support the marching band and all of its activities as best it can. However, there are some fees that need to be passed onto the students and their families. CPMC recognizes that families need different options for paying for these fees such as participating in fund raisers or various options to make payments.

    Click the Link Below

    If you haven’t already done so, please get added to our
    Closed facebook page

    This page is for current band students and their parents/guardians. Click on this link or search Coatesville Parent's Music Club (Red Raider Marching Band Members).  There are some questions to ask to be allowed to join.  We will confirm you as student in the band or a parent/guardian.

    Our website is constantly updated so please make a point to check it out regularly.  Our calendar is kept up to date here as well.

  • CPMC Meeting Minutes

    Monthly Meeting Minutes will be posted here from the CPMC general membership meetings. You can also follow the link to the page under the Resources & Info Dropdown on the top Navigation Bar

    Active Sign Ups

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    The Sign-Up Genius is now available to sign up for these events:

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    Coatesville Parents Music Club | P.O. Box 72082 | Thorndale, PA 19372 | cvillepmc.org