Concessions Volunteers

This sign up is to help the at the concessions stands for home games. Concessions is one of our biggest fundraisers, and we have a lot of fun doing it.

We are feeding the band before Downingtown COB competition Saturday, September 29th.

They love this warm, hearty meal before a long afternoon and evening so please donate items and volunteer to help.


Dress Code for all Games and Competitions

  • No cami's
  • No tank tops
  • No spaghetti straps
  • Must be a t-shirt that has shirt sleeves that covers the shoulders.

Cavalcade of Bands Competition at Downingtown West HS

Saturday, September 29th,
8:00am – 11:00pm
120 Downingtown West HS, 445 Manor Ave. Downingtown, PA 19335

Band Camp Practice

Saturday, October 13th
8am - 4pm
Students are responsible for bringing their own lunch.
Suntan lotion and plenty of water is recommended!!
Dress appropriately for the weather. Good sneakers - no sandals or flip flops.
Friday, September 28th

  • Details when available

  • 2018 Season Football Game Schedule
    Sat 25-Aug Away Harrisburg High School
    Thu 30-Aug Home Middletown South HS
    Fri 7-Sep Home Cumberland Valley HS
    Fri 14-Sep Away Bishop Shanahan HS
    Fri 21-Sep Home Henderson HS & Middle School Night
    Fri 28-Sep Away Rustin HS
    Fri 5-Oct Home Downingtown West & Homecoming Game
    Fri 12-Oct Away West Chester East HS
    Fri 19-Oct Away Avon Grove HS
    Fri 26-Oct Home Downingtown East HS – Senior Night
    2018 Season Band Competition Schedule
    Sat 15-Sep USBands Competition at Cherokee HS
    Sat 29-Sep COB Downingtown West HS
    Sat 20-Oct COB Unionville HS
    Sat 27-Oct USBands USBands State Championship @ West Chester University
    Sun 4-Nov USBands USBands National Competition @ Allentown, PA
    Sat 10-Nov COB COB Final Championships, Location TBD

    CPMC Meeting Schedule
    Executive Committee Meeting
    Wednesday, October 3rd

    General Membership Meeting
    Wednesday, October 10th

    If you'd like to be involved and not sure how, attend this meeting. We are in great need of new parent help. Many current volunteers are senior parents and will be leaving. Don't let the band down with no adult leadership!
    Coming Rehearsal and Events
    Monday, September 24th
    Marching Band Leadership Meeting
    Marching Band Practice
    6:00pm - 8:00pm

    Wednesday, September 26th
    Marching Band Sectionals
    Marching Band Practice
    6:00pm - 9:00pm

    Friday, September 28th
    Away Football Game
    Rustin High School
    2:30pm - 10:30pm

    Saturday, September 29th
    Competition - Downingtown West
    8:00am - 11:00am

    Fundraiser Updates


    5:00pm - 7:30pm
    High School Cafeteria
    All you can eat spaghetti Dinner · Drive Through Meals Available
    Sign-up Genius for Parents and Students.

    Eventbrite Online Spaghetti Dinner Registration
    Students and Parents are needed
    to help set-up, serve and clean-up.
    Click for Printable Order form
    Fundraiser Updates

    Football season is here

    The band, color guard and football team are all working really hard to make this
    the best season EVER!
    The music program is incredibly fortunate to run the concessions which in return makes it one of our main fundraisers.
    The concessions doesn't run itself and is always looking for new recruits.
    There are many perks to being in the concession stands

    1. It's Fun
    2. You get into the game for free
    3. You only have to work half the game.
    4. It's fun
    5. Get to hear our band and color guard do their thing ❤️🖤
    6. It's fun
    7. We make $$$ for our kids.
    8. It's fun!!!!

    We are really fortunate that a lot of alumni help but we are in desperate need of new families to step up and help also.

    This is my last year heading up concessions along with Diana L. McLimans and we are on the look out for someone to take over next year. This year you would work along side of us so you know exactly what goes on. I promise it's FUN!

    Please contact me, Lisa Last at or 610-517-2287 if you are interested

    Cart of Wonders

    This cart will be located in the band room. It is open after practice on Mondays and Wednesdays, Friday before football games and Saturday before competitions. Candy can be purchased for $1 and parents/family/friends can purchase a Candy Gram for their band student and write a note/encouragement/something fun on a label and stick it to the selected candy. These will be handed out to the students after a game or competition. Wawa coupons, Red Raider glasses, flip flops and Drumline mugs can also be purchased at the Cart of Wonders. Students only can preorder Chick-Fil-A sandwiches for home games for $4.

    Contact Tammy Harple for questions or if you can help.
    Tammy Harple

    Check out our spirit wear for jackets, Coatesville sweatshirts, chaperones shirts, and more. All chaperones are to wear the collared polo shown on the flyer. Our website, also has an online link with more options and easier ordering.

    Cover Letter ·  Logos ·  Order Form

    Orders are now being taken for the infamous "RED" or "BLACK" polo shirts that our Band Directors, Instructors, Volunteers, Chaperones & Pit Dads wear as part of their uniform when working/traveling with the Band.

    Fundraiser Updates

    Summer's Here!

    Who needs a fast and delicious meal?

    Have your Wawa coupons on hand! Wawa Hoagies coupons are a great way to earn money for your student account. Each coupon purchased puts $1 into your account. Fill out the attached order form and place it with your money into an envelope and put it into the CPMC mailbox or get them at the Cart of Wonders this summer. This is an on-going fundraiser so keep selling and raise money for your account.
    Contact Tammy Harple with questions at

    Begins October 15 - 29th

    Delivery approximately Nov 7th.

    This is a split profit fundraiser and students can earn money in their account with their doughnut and coffee sales.



    Sign up

    Sign up for Smile Amazon. This is an absolutely FREE fundraiser and signup is EASY. A percentage of all orders purchased through Smile Amazon comes to the Coatesville Parent's Music Club for our general budget.


    Discount Cards are valid from January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018.  Each Discount Card costs $10.00 and students will receive $3.00 for every card sold to their Student Account!
    Please see the attached policy and copy of the discount card. This is a great way to help pay for dues.

    What’s Happening

    View this Week's Complete Smoke Signal - September, 2018

    Home Football Games 3rd Quarter
    Students are free to walk about and get something to eat during the 3rd quarter. CPMC provides a free hotdog and water during this timeframe on the away side. The Wednesday prior to the home game and Friday prior to the game, students can pay for a Chick-Fil-A sandwich for $4 at the Cart of Wonders. They must pay at that time, and they can pick up their Chick-Fil-A sandwich during 3rd quarter at the away stands only. If students want something else to eat, they must purchase from the home or away stands. They are required to be back in the stands by the end of 3rd Quarter.

    Involvement is the only way we can make this busy organization work.
    Don't sit back and watch, we need you!

    Band Uniform Fittings

    Every Monday and Wednesday

    Our band needs to look their best and their uniforms must be fitted and repaired and altered.

    Warm-up suits will also be fitted for new band members and any previous band students needing replacements. Parents can also purchase warm-ups. This is an easy way to step in and help. No prior experience needed!.

    Contact Sandy Brocious with questions:


    Our band performs in 2 different competition organizations. Cavalcade of Bands (COB) and USBands

    You can view these websites for the schedule of competitions, the exact location of each competition and many other details.
    We have noted in our calendar on our website, which organization we will be performing in for each competition date.


    In order for us all to stay in the loop with quick communication, Mr. Hughes has set up a “Marching Band” class on the mobile app “Remind”.

    Remind:    Mr. Hughes asks that all 2018-2019 Marching Band students to join.
    Remind can send messages via text message, email, or the app (can be found in both the Apple and Google app stores).  If you have questions feel free to email,  You can also join by going to the website, The class should be joined by anyone who is participating in the marching band this fall. To join the marching band Remind class, send a text message to 81010.  In the message, enter @905a6 (that is the class code).  You will receive a message from Remind, verifying that “You’ve joined Marching Band”.

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    Innovation by Design
    is offering band spirit wear including
    T-shirts, hoodies, pajama pants and more.

    Hardcopy paper order forms are attached, but for visual purposes of the products or ordering directly online, you can go to the website: 
    CPMC has set-up the ability to accept payments through Paypal by using your own Paypal account or by using a debit or credit card. Of course, cash and check will continue to be acceptable forms of payment.

    The Coatesville Parents Music Club (CPMC) makes every effort to support the marching band and all of its activities as best it can. However, there are some fees that need to be passed onto the students and their families. CPMC recognizes that families need different options for paying for these fees such as participating in fund raisers or various options to make payments.

    Click the Link Below

    If you haven’t already done so, please get added to our
    Closed facebook page

    This page is for current band students and their parents/guardians. Click on this link or search Coatesville Parent's Music Club (Red Raider Marching Band Members).  There are some questions to ask to be allowed to join.  We will confirm you as student in the band or a parent/guardian.

    Our website is constantly updated so please make a point to check it out regularly.  Our calendar is kept up to date here as well.

  • CPMC Meeting Minutes

    Monthly Meeting Minutes Will be posted here from the CPMC general membership meetings. You can also follow the link to the page under the Resources & Info Dropdown on the top Navigation Bar

    Active Sign Ups

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    The Sign-Up Genius is now available to sign up for these events:

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