• Hi,

    My name is Lisa Last. I am a Thirty-one Consultant and am pleased to offer you an amazing opportunity to earn $$$ for the Coatesville Music Program.

    Thirty-One gifts have a wonderful array of products specializing in personalized bags and gifts.

    In your packet you have received a catalog, order forms, and a flyer with the monthly Special. Your goal is to sell as many products as you possibly can and the music program will receive 20% of all sales (before tax, shipping and handling).

    You will also receive products to be raffled off at a later date depending on how many products were sold. In addition, the person who has the highest sales will receive a Deluxe Utility Tote in Black Links pattern worth a $50 value.

    The monthly special is very important. For every person who spends $35 they qualify for one of the specials. Do not forget to offer these awesome specials to everyone who qualifies. This will boost your sales.

    This is a great, easy way to earn $$ for your program and I am here to help you all in any way I can to make this a successful fundraiser.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


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